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Origins Real Estate and Altos Research offer real-time real estate insights for over 80 Atlanta ZIP codes. The tool delivers up-to-date data and historical trends in housing prices, inventory, and demand. You have the option to select either a concise one-page summary for Condo or single family, or a more comprehensive analysis with a detailed multi-page version. Whether you're buying or selling, Origins Real Estate equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions in the Atlanta metro area.

Median List Price

A useful indicator of housing prices is the price point that falls exactly in the middle prices, with half of the prices being higher and the other half being lower.

Average Days On Market (DOM)

The average number of days since a group of properties have been for sale. Like Inventory, this offers an insight into the length of time homes remain unsold. 

Inventory of Homes For Sale

The quantity of houses presently available for purchase is a reliable indicator of the level of competition or absence thereof in the market.

Price Per Square Foot

A home's list price divided by its total square footage. Although not the only factor, this provides a way to compare different properties.

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